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We gladly provide an insight into our work and the quality of our products. During the guided tours you can gain profound and authentic insights into our work and the life at our winery. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to provide you with information on potential events without any obligation or you can just make an individual appointment for further details.


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Run by the third generation, Jöbstl winery combines traditional vintner craft with modern technologies of contemporary viticulture. This symbiosis between tradition and modernity also encompasses the essence of the corporate philosophy – preservation of values, focus on innovation and creation of quality products at the highest level.

Jöbstl wines are award-winning ambassadors of the internationally renowned Styrian wine region. Our very fruity fine wines with distinct variety characteristics represent uncomplicated drinking pleasure and great enjoyment.



The theme trail of the ARGE Sernauberg leads directly through our vineyard. Aside from the harmoniously planted vines it is especially the rose trees that have been cared for with loving attention to details that gather the greatest admiration. Numerous information boards along the path provide insight into the flora and fauna of the Sernauberg, its geology, of old and strange customs of its inhabitants and interesting facts about wine.


The Sernau-based businesses can be seen as the epitome of the Styrian “gemütlichkeit”. On both sides of the eponymous hill they invite you to stay: from vineyard over restaurant, the Buschenschank taverns, the hotel, the holiday home to adventure business. 19 businesses of the region have decided to awaken their “Sleeping Beauty”. Aside from the culinary delights no visitor should miss the breathtaking landscape.

For more information on the region go to: www.sernauberg.at


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